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The Hardest Goodbye Ever

Goodbyes are always unbearable but the pain is worse when it’s the final goodbye. It seems like someone has taken a part of you with them. Describing here, a story of a 15-year old black lab mix named Charlie Bear who left his owner Kelly O’Connell with beautiful memories of her wedding which was just eight days before he died.

Kelly O’Connel wasn’t very keen on the idea of having a dog at that time. But, when she met Charlie Bear at an animal shelter for the first time where she was working while studying to become a veterinarian, she immediately thought that she will be taking him home as she felt an instant connection with him. Charlie Bear was only 12 weeks old at that time.

The 15-year relation between Kelly and Charlie came to an end on 9th September 2016 when Charlie took his last breath and left her with fond memories of him with Kelly to cherish forever. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this year and was hardly able to walk. Yet, he managed to make it to Kelly’s big day; her wedding ceremony with James Garvin. That took place on 1st September 2016.

Kelly described Charlie a witness to her growing relationship with James whom she met a couple of years ago and moved in with. Although, she wanted Charlie to be present on her big day but did not want to take risk owing to his deteriorating health. So, she had to take this hard decision of putting him off the wedding ceremony.

But as the wedding days progressed, Charlie starting showing signs of improvement and the seizures that had occurred 5 times before, reduced. The improvement was so much that they were eventually able to cancel Charlie’s appointment and much to the surprise and happiness of Kelly, Charlie managed to make his way to the ceremony and gave fond memories of him to everyone present there on that occasion.

Kelly still couldn’t believe that Charlie made it to her wedding aisle without any problem. He was walking as if nothing had happened. But as they say, destiny has some other plans, while returning from the aisle Charlie couldn’t walk on his feet so Kelly’s sister Katie Llyod (also the bridesmaid) carried him in her arms out of the ceremony.

After the ceremony had finished, everyone including bride and groom gathered around Charlie Bear and showered him with loads of love. Everyone was ecstatic and wouldn’t want him to leave but the time of him leaving the world wasn’t far away.

Charlie was buried at the couple’s home surrounded by his loved ones. Although, it was extremely saddening for Kelly but she felt it was the right time. The whole story covers the 15-year long relation between a human, an animal and their undying love. We often seek happiness from things that are far away from us and end up neglecting the things which are near to us. So, cherish every moment of your life with your loved ones because you don’t know when destiny would play its part and take your loved one away from you.


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