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Friendship is an amazing bond between two souls. It can be between two humans or a dog and a human. Some of the researchers believe that dogs do not have any kind of love for humans. According to them, dogs behave well with their owners because they are getting attention and rewards for that.

But if you ask a person who owned a dog, he will definitely deny this point. This is proven by the story of Rita and Rocky.


Rita was an eleven-year-old girl when she met Rocky, who was ten weeks old fighter dog, weighing 65 pounds. The immediately got attached to each other. Rita taught him how to eat and follow commands. He used to sleep with Rita in her bed every night. On holidays, when Rita stayed at homes, they used to play all day with each other.

Rita always took Rocky to every place where she goes. Looking at their friendship level, the family of Rita named them ‘R and R’.

By nature, Rita was a shy, not very social girl. After the companionship of Rocky, she used to go to different places and interact with other children. Rocky always acted as a protector for her. There were many incidents Rita reported about how Rocky acted like a protector for her in the presence of a stranger.


Rocky was overall a very nice friend but only had one problem that was the fear of water. He was afraid of water to an extent that he seemed emotionally disturbed. This fear was connected to some past experiences. His first owner was a little boy who used to live with his parents. He tried to drown Rocky two or three times which created a fear of water in him. After the two attempts of that boy, the father left Rocky in an animal center for his safety.


On one afternoon, Rita’s mother took Rocky and Rita to the shopping mall which was near a lake. Rita was standing in front of a railing facing the lake. A boy on a bicycle suddenly hit her and she felt from the railing into the lake. Her mother was standing 100 m meters away from the place where she fell but Rocky was standing next to her. The site of Rita inside the water made Rocky very disturbed, he was making noises with a mixture of bark and whimpers. He seemed terrified. After some time, Rocky jumped into the water. He caught Rita with the strap of her shirt and pulled her towards the soil.

She was laying there, still shocked and Rocky was standing right beside her. The rescue team arrived after some time. Rita’s mother witnessed this incident herself and they all believe that it was the love of the dog who saved them both. Rocky’s fear of water remained as it is after that incident and they both lived like before with each other.

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