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Puppy Poop Disaster Has the Internet in Laughter Fits

Sanitary disasters with dogs are not a new thing. But how bad can they get? This story will explain:

An Arkansas man, Jesse Newton’s Facebook post has been making the rounds on the internet. His post was a hilarious mishap that could happen to a dog owner.

“It’s taken me until now to wrap my head around it and find the words to describe the horror,” said Jesse. “It started off simple enough – something that’s probably happened to most of you.”

Just a few weeks ago Jesse woke up at the crack of dawn, around 3am to find his 4-year-old kid crawling into the bed. What was odd that his kid stank of poop more than a kid should. It looked like it was more than just a child accidently pooping his pants.

Turns out that the family puppy, Evie, pooped on a rug while the rest of the family was fast asleep. Jesse says that the exact time must have been 1:30am because that’s when Roomba, which is a robot that vacuums, runs every night to clean up any mess made by the puppy.

His Facebook post stated it in a hilarious way. “And it found the poop. And so begins the Pooptastrophe. The poopocalypse. The pooppening.”

Jesse then went on to describe his shock as he warned other users of the automatic vacuuming robot, Roomba. Apparently, the Roomba ran all over the little pups poop.

“If the unthinkable does happen, and your Roomba runs over dog poop, stop it immediately and do not let it continue the cleaning cycle. Because if that happens, it will spread the dog poop over every conceivable surface within its reach, resulting in a home that closely resembles a Jackson Pollock poop painting,” he said.

The damage was huge. There was dog poop on the furniture, floor, carpets, rugs, and on the kid’s toys.

“You’ll walk into the living room. And you’ll wonder why the floor feels slightly gritty. And you’ll see a brown-encrusted, vaguely Roomba-shaped thing sitting in the middle of the floor with a flowing green light, like everything okay. Like it’s proud of itself.”

The moment Newton realized what had happened, he cleaned his son in the middle of the night. Scrubbed the poop off the poor child. But the real work started after he put the kid to bed. In an attempt to clean the vacuum, he threw it in the tub with the battery still inside it.

“You toss it in the bathtub to let it soak,” he warned other Roomba users and parents with pets. “You pull it apart, piece-by-piece, wondering at what point you became an adult and assumed responsibility for 3:30am-Roomba-disassembly-poop-cleanups.”

Poor Jesse Newton had puppy poop up to his elbow. Cleaning the whole puppy poop smeared house took him hours.

So for all the puppy/dog owners out there, you have been warned.


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