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Dog companionship is considered to be an integral component of life. Humans have many reasons of having a dog as a pet. There are a lot of stories we hear about the love and companionship between a dog and a human. Dogs slowly become a family member and provide us all the needed warmth.

Here is another story of a love bond between a dog named Canelo and his owner.


Canelo lived with his owner in a town named Cadiz, Spain. He was an average looking dog but he was not at all average from the inside. He was very sensitive and attached to his owner. This attachment was witnessed by the whole town after the death of his owner. He used to spend all the time with his owner. The level of attachment was showed from his gestures.


Canelo and his owner only had one another. They spent every day with each other without the need of a third person between them. They had a set routine which they follow every day. The morning walk was a part of that routine. Every person of the town used to see them every morning enjoying with each other. The owner of Canelo took him to different places for a walk and in between these regular walks, there were days when the owner had to go for a hospital visit. He was a patient and needed dialysis treatment after every six days.

As the pets are not allowed in the hospital, owner of Canelo use to leave him outside the hospital door and Canelo used to wait for him to come. After his treatment, they used to walk back to their house again.


One day, Canelo and his owner went for hospital as usual and he left him outside a hospital door to wait. Due to some complications in the dialysis process, doctors kept the owner for some time. Canelo waited for his owner to come out. After hours of treatment, doctors finally declared the death of Canelo’s owner.

Canelo waited for his owner outside the door of hospital day after day. He never left his place and used to stare the door of the hospital from where his owner was supposed to come out. Even in rain, winter or heat, he waited there without even eating and drinking anything.

People tried to help him by giving him food and water. They even arranged a pardon from the local dog pound. Despite everything else, Canelo waited outside the door for twelve long years. He only sat and stared at the door. Every person in the town was a witness of this level of loyalty.

Finally on 9th December, 2002, Canelo was hit by a car and died. His wait was finally over. He was united with the person he loved. After his death, the people even named a city after him.

Humans and dogs can develop a great attachment bond. The story of Canelo and his owner is an example of this attachment.

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