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Getting a New Life

This is the story of Chad and his new family. Chad along with his friend Clarisse became the victim of cruelty from a family who abandoned them along with some bigger dogs in their home. They could have asked the animal control to take care of them rather they chose to let them stay there only without any aid. This is a miserable state for animals that are left abandoned by their families when they are moving to some new place.

In the fight for survival and to protect his friend Clarisse, Chad got bitten by one of the other dogs and became infected. Fortunately, one of the neighbors was aware of this situation and called the animal control. Animal control call can have both the positive and negative consequences but for Chad, it turned out to be a saving grace.

Georgia Jack Russel Adoption tag team saved the dogs from the shelter and Chad’s infection was taken care of resulting in his fast recovery. But unfortunately, Clarisse‘s infection could not be cured and destiny played its part. Clarisse left the world into a happier place forever and left others moist-eyed.

This whole incident had left deep scars on Chad, he developed the phobia of men and wasn’t comfortable being around strangers. A family decided to adopt him and help him overcoming his fears. The family who has adopted him still feels that he is shy around strangers and hasn’t yet fully recovered but he has still come a long way and shown signs of improvement.

The family and Chad has formed a beautiful relation of love, trust, and care. Chad has not only taught the family that how a fearful dog can be handled in different situations but has also made them aware that how much a rescue dog can shower love, care and smiles around.

The family cannot thank Chad enough for the happiness that he has brought in the family, the laughter he has spread and the love he has bestowed them with. Though it's been only a year, but the family firmly believes that Chad was meant to be with them, now that when they finally have him. He couldn’t have found a better family. They believe that he is now a part of them and cannot even think of giving him to someone else.

The whole story conveys the beautiful relation of a rescue dog with a family. It shows that how love has the power to heal the wounds whether they are physical or internal. Physical wounds can be healed with the help of medical aid but internal wounds can only be healed with love and care which was showered by Chad and his family to each other.

Rescue stories teach us that kindness can melt hearts and bring a positive change in the life of the victim; a life that they will cherish forever.


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