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From Beyond the Grave

In the likes of an unusual event, 40-year old Kimberley Pearce believes that she has captured the ghost of her dead cocker spaniel Sadie while filming her new pet.

Kimberley, a resident of North California, US claims that after having put down her pet Sadie just 3 days before her 13th birthday, she caught her ghost in the camera. Kimberley was sad and distraught while putting her cocker spaniel down, she maintains that her hands were shivering and eyes were wet while signing the papers.

The footage she has captured appears to show a dog-shaped spirit flash across the room. She says white and caramel color spirit was visible in the video which was the color of Sadie. It made her sure that it was none other than her Sadie, who had come to give her a message.

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Kimberley felt that Sadie must be mad at her for putting her down, and after Sadie had to go Kimberley sat down hours crying and remembering her baby (Sadie). She wished Sadie could only give her one sign that she has forgiven her for putting her down. She was so upset that her husband had to get her a new puppy Bella whom she was filming while she captured the spirit of Sadie.

According to Kimberley, Sadie had just come to give her a message that she is okay and she is not mad at her. She also states that a couple of days after the death of Sadie, she had a conversation with her in which she only begged for her and to God to forgive her and show her a sign that Sadie has forgiven her.

Kimberley blames herself because she was the one who took decision for putting Sadie down. Hence, she felt Sadie must not have liked her decision and would be angry at her. But, the signs she got were the answers to her prayers and love for Sadie.

Rubbishing the claims that the video could be false or it could be just another reflection that she might have captured while filming Bella, she says that the time when she was recording Bella was afternoon and since she lives far away in the country there could be no chance that it could be a reflection of any moving car, bird or anything else.

Dealing with depression and anxiety issues, Kimberley while describing Sadie says that she was a very sweet dog, who would follow her around everywhere in the house. She would even sleep with her. During the days of Sadie’s illness, Kimberley’s depression issues went from bad to worst.

She at first became extremely sad at watching the footage but later on tears of joys took place and she became happy that Sadie remembers her and gave her a farewell message. 


( Above photo :Sadie, who was sadly put down just before her 13th birthday)

In this modern age and era, not many people believe in the stories of ghosts and spirits. But Kimberley’s relation with Sadie and her spirit story definitely evoke some feelings. It might change the mind of some people who don’t believe in spirits and ghost just like it changed Kimberley’s mind.

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