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Dogs are considered as the most loyal friends of humans. We come across the stories related to the companionship of dogs and humans almost every day. Those who have experience of living with the dogs knows that they have feelings like humans too.

According to George Romanes, dogs have a highly developed emotional life than any other animal. Some people do care for the feelings of dogs. Here is an inspirational story of a girl who has feelings for every dog, who considers them as someone who needs love and care.

Burnie was a beautiful black dog who could not see and also had a tumor inside his chest. He was 14 years old and had intestinal cancer.  He used to live with a family but after they realized his bad health condition by noticing blood coming with his poop, they never took him to a veterinarian. They decided to leave him in a shelter home so that he won’t spend his all life outside their house.

There are a lot of shelter homes which keep dogs until they get new parents, they can live in that shelter house temporarily. In the case of Burnie, Austin Animal Centre provides the facility for him to live his remaining life in peace. His medical condition was declining day by day until a girl Drumond decided to take him home for the Christmas holiday.

She was not sure if Bernie could make it till the Christmas but still she wanted to give love to him. She wanted him to feel important and feel the warmth of care and companionship. When she first met Bernie she was like, “I was heart-broken after meeting him and thought he deserves a last experience of love. He should not die feeling unloved”.

She brought Burnie home on 14th December with the hope that he will survive through Christmas. Soon Burnie got affiliated with her. Everyone wants to be around loved one and love is a power which can heal every wound. Burnie got too attached with Drumond, played with her all the time and stayed with her.

On the Christmas day, Burnie and Drumond played all day in the lawn and inside. He also got treats and a bow, enjoyed movies with her. Everyone expected that Burnie will pass away in some days but he survived till the New Year night as well.

With all the love and care he received in the house, he started getting better. Felt like he was having a new life. His actions showed the activeness and the absence of disappointment. He remained active throughout the day and was in a playful mode.

Drumond knows that she had to give Brownie back to the hospice home, for which she was disappointed too because she enjoyed the whole time spent with Burnie. But it was for his own good. He wanted him to be in a place where he can be warm, loved and lives peacefully for his last days.


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