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A German Shepard that touched hearts

My story does not start with a “once upon a time” kind of introduction rather it starts with a woman in her late sixties, packed in her rocking chair, singing a lullaby to her dog that places its head in her lap. Doesn’t that sound like the most adorable dog moment that you have heard about? Let’s go back a few years to know what led to such an amazing beginning. I was a typical housewife who liked cooking and decorating the house. My children and husband meant the world to me and I could even cook at 4 in the morning to make my husband’s or child’s dream come true. I used to bake cakes and make an excellent turkey for Christmas and we had the perfect family life that you would read about in an old novel. My husband worked for the army and was a strong and tall man who had to stay out of the house for most of the year but once on his way back he brought someone home and surprisingly enough I wasn’t happy with his actions for the first ever time in my life.

He brought a German Shepherd which I came to know about from my children who were excited and overwhelmed about the arrival of the new member in our family. Well, I didn’t like pets much because I thought they need too much of your attention and care but I couldn’t divert the attention I gave to my kids. My kids deserved my attention not a dog that would bite my grandchildren and hurt them. The dog was quite cheeky to begin with as it used to sniff me and lick my feet whenever I used to sit and watch television. However, ultimately I gave in by looking after his feed and shelter. I never let my youngest son close to him but everything gradually seemed to follow a smooth path as I stopped complaining about the irritating habits of the dog. To be honest I enjoyed spending time with the dog as years passed by and my kids grew too old to have time for me. They were more interested in devouring fast food and hanging out with friends while Goofy as we called our dog liked my food and even used to sit and watch TV with me.

One unfortunate day the news of my husband’s death reached me and I was all alone in the house crying hysterically. I kept trying my children’s numbers but none of them attended my call and I sat on the floor crying helplessly and suddenly someone hugged me and I felt warm and protected. You know who it was? It was goofy and that was the day I decided I want more dogs in my house. Later that evening my children came spent a night or two with me and left but I had Goofy with me when it left I had two more dogs. They give me positive energy and help me feel loved as humans change but dogs are certainly faithful. Yes, I am the sixty-eight-year-old woman in my rocking chair with Nina my pup who loves sleeping in my lap.         


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