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3 Heart Melting Stories about the Selfless Love of Dogs

The term a dog is a man’s best friend is too overused and mainstream. Everyone knows that a dog and man are more than just best friends. A dog is a part of the family and a soul that will always love you no matter what. You will never meet a person who loves you more than your dog. A dog will readily give its life away if it means saving yours. That is how selfless their love is.

And to prove this selfless love we’ve compiled a few stories of infinite love and attachment between dogs and their owners. These are real stories from around the world that will make you cry. Their level of devotion and selflessness is commendable. Read on to feel the love of this incomparable relationship between man and a dog.

Dog Saves Owner from Train Track and Gets Hit Itself

This dog had no name. The poor dog’s owner was unluckily the victim of depression and other mental illnesses. One night as he was under the influence of alcohol, he fell asleep on the train tracks of Karaganda in Kazakhstan. to commit suicide. The dog immediately sensed the seriousness of the situation as the train started approaching. At first, he tried to nudge his owner in hopes that he will wake up. After many efforts when his owner did not wake up he pushed him off the tracks but as timing would have it the dog was on the tracks just as its owner rolled off. The train driver saw him at the last moment and hit the emergency breaks. However, it was too late and the selfless dog died right on the spot.

Till Death Do Us Apart

Capitán belonged to Miguel Guzmán of Argentina. When Miguel passed away in 2006, Capitán could no longer bear to stay at home and ran away. When the rest of the family searched for Capitán, they were surprised and heartbroken to find him guarding Miguel’s grave. It is a wonder how he located not just the cemetery, but also the exact right grave all on his own. It has been 10 years since the incident and Capitán still guards his owner grave.

Dog Waited At the Train Station for 9 Years to See His Owner

This story will surely bring tears to your eyes. Hachikō has become an internet sensation for being the most faithful and loving dog to ever live. He used to greet his owner at the Shibuya railway station every day. Life was great till his owner died due to cerebral hemorrhage. However, Hachikō kept coming to the station for 9 years, 9 months, and 15 days after his death. He used to be there on the exact time his owner used to get off the train. Hachikō was found lying dead on Shibuya Street, just a few minutes away from the station on March 8, 1935. He was probably on his way to the station when he died.

If these stories don’t convince you to get a dog, you have a heart of stone. These stories show that a dog’s love is much more dependable than a humans love.

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