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TagWagger.com is the number one spot to find the latest pet ID tags and other accessories for your furry friends!

 We are a family owned and operated business based out of Miami, Florida dedicated to providing dog owners with high quality pet identification accessories. TagWagger was founded by a woman by the name of Nicole Soltau who is a lifelong dog lover and the owner of an adorable Shitzu and a sweet German Shephard. As a pet owner herself, Nicole knows just how important it is to make sure your dog wears the proper identification in case of an emergency or in the instance they are are lost. Many dogs who get loose or run away end up in animal shelters because the owners can't be located. While some of these pups may be adopted by new loving owners, some of them might not be as lucky and will have to be put down


You can feel confident ordering from TagWagger.com! In order to give back to the community, we actually donate part of the proceeds from each purchase to local pet rescues.TagWagger offers wide array of pet tags, so get your dog a couple of our ID tags to ensure that he or she will be returned to you in case they ever get lost!

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